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Zitrec IC

It is water based with a high concentration of organic inhibitors.

Dilutions of 6% are recommended with the exception of heating systems that use cast iron, copper, steel and carbon when 3% is sufficient. The small dose applied, added to the complete protection offered by Zitrec IC, makes it an excellent and inexpensive solution.

It has an anti-foam agent to limit foaming during filling operations.


· Used in industrial and domestic heating and refrigeration, either diluted in water only or in a water/glycol mixture.

· To inhibit the fluids used in heat pumps, under floor heating, and air-conditioners.



· Complete protection against corrosion.

· Does not produce scaling.

· No yearly additions required.

· Non-hazardous.

· Compatible with common seal materials.

· Stable in hard water.

· Exempt from borates and not classified under the criteria of Directive 1999/45/EC.


  • 25 L
  • 210 L
  • 1000 L