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R-290 (Propano)

Propane or R290 is a hydrocarbon used as a refrigerant in domestic refrigerators or in small commercial refrigeration appliances and in vending machines. Thanks to its low environmental impact and its excellent thermodynamic properties, the use of R290 is growing.

· 6 litre container with a 2 kg load.

· 27.2 litre container with a 10 kg load.


  • High temperatures
  • Medium temperatures
  • Low Temperatures
  • new Installations


· Does not damage the ozone layer, ODP = 0.

· Equipment can be refilled in the case of leakage.

· Global warming potential (GWP) = 3

· Boiling point at 1.013 bar (ºC): -42.10

· Temperature slip or glide (ºC): 0

· UN nº: 1978

· Safety classification: A3. Non-toxic but extremely flammable.


  • 2 Kg
  • 0,43 Kg
  • 10 Kg


  • Synthetic POE oils
  • Mineral oils
  • AKB oils