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Assembled Capillary Hoses

The Quadra system – comprising of thermoplastic flexible capillary hose, fittings in brass and steel and dedicated tooling – gives quick production, in a few simple steps, with superior quality connections to the pressure test points, gauges, the pressure switches including the oil return circuits and oil level equalization, for AC & R units of each type and size.

• QUADRA DN2 flexible hose, represent the most efficient and developed system for the connection of pressure gauges, pressure switches and pressure test points. QUADRA DN2 hoses have an internal diameter of 2 mm and therefore they can substitute capillary rigid copper tubing.

• The QUADRA DN4 flexible hose, are the ideal solution for equalizing and oil return lines. The QUADRA DN4 hoses have an internal diameter of 4 mm and therefore they can substitute copper rigid tubing of OD 6 mm or 1/4”.

• The QUADRA DN6 flexible hoses for air conditioning and refrigeration systems are characterized by an internal diameter of 6 mm, and therefore they can substitute copper rigid tubing of OD 8 mm or 5/16”.



• SPEED UP the assembly procedure.

• ABSORB the VIBRATION of the compressor.


• Exceeds EN 1736 CLASS 1.

• CO2 compatibility with working pressure up to 120 bar.

• UV resistant.

• RoHS compliance.

• Minimum CO2 emissions thanks to its incredible low permeability.

• Permitted with HCFC, HFC & CO2.


• Interior diameter I.D. (mm): 2 (DN2), 4 (DN4) & 6 (DN6).

• Outer diameter O.D. (mm): 5,9 (DN2), 6,1 (DN4) & 8,3 (DN6).

• Connections: 1/4" & 3/8" SAE.

• Maximum allowable pressure (bar): 120.

• Minimum bursting pressure (bar): 600.

• Allowable temperature Min.ºC / Max. ºC: -45 / +130.

• Minimum bending radius (mm): 10 (DN2), 25 (DN4) o 35 (DN6).


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