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R-32 is a pure HFC refrigerant gas, with zero ozone layer depletion and low global warming potential, used in its pure state in small new air conditioning units and also as a component in HFC mixtures.

R-32 is suitable for new equipment specifically designed for R-32, in applications that used to use R-410A. It is not a suitable gas for retrofit. Its GWP is within the acceptable limits for refrigerant gases used in new equipment with a load less than 3 kg put on the market from 1/01/2025 in compliance with European Regulation (EU) Nº 517/2014.

It has excellent thermodynamic properties as a refrigerant. Its cooling characteristics are similar to the refrigerants R-22 and R-502. It has been used as a component in HFC refrigerant mixtures very well known to industry such as R-407C, R410A, R442A (RS50), R-407F, R-407A, RS70….

Nevertheless, R-32 has not been used in its pure state thus far, as the vapour pressure and the compression discharge temperature are both too high.

Moreover, R-32 is classified as A2L, with low flammability.


· Split systems.


  • High temperatures
  • new Installations


 Does not damage the ozone layer, ODP = 0

· Equipment can be refilled in the case of leakage.

· Global warming potential (GWP) = 675.

· Boiling point at 1.013 bar (ºC): -51.6

· Temperature slip or glide (ºC): 0

· Saturated vapour density at 25ºC (kg/m3): 47.31

· UN nº: 3252

· Safety classification: A2L. Low toxicity and low flammability.

· Always load in its liquid phase.



  • 1,8 Kg
  • 0,78 Kg
  • 9 Kg


  • Synthetic POE oils