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Acid Neutralising Additive for AC/R Systems

NO-ACID completely neutralises and effectively eliminates acid present in A/C and Refrigeration Systems. The beneficial effects can prevent compressor burnout.

How does it work?

The chemical ingredients of NO-ACID actively seek out and neutralise acids. Acids are often caused by moisture, compressor burnout, and refrigerant gas or lubricant breakdown, once injected No-Acid acts immediately, preventing acids from forming.



• Neutralises and effectively eliminates acid from an A/C system.

• Prevents Acids from forming.

• Neutralises acids caused by compressor burnout.

• Neutralises acids introduced by A/C recovery units.

• Safe with all system components.

• Ideal for preventative maintenance.

• Fast and immediate effect.



Available in Cartiges, PUSH&FILL (pressurized) or Self-Measure Bottles.                                                                                                                       Doses:

Zero to Low Acid Level (pH ≥ 6.8): add 30 ml (1.0 FL. OZ.) NO-ACID per 2 litre (64 FL. OZ.) of compressor oil.

Medium Acid Level (6.8 ≥ pH ≥ 5.2): add 30 ml (1.0 FL. OZ.) NO-ACID per 1,5 litre (48 FL. OZ.) of compressor oil.

High Acid Level (pH ≤ 5.2): add 30 ml (1.0 FL. OZ.) NO-ACID per 0,70 litre (24 FL. OZ.) of compressor oil.