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De-Icing Additive for AC/R Systems

ICE-FREE quickly resolves frozen A/C or Refrigeration Systems.                                                                                                                                    How does it work?

ICE-FREE chemically binds with moisture molecules trapped in refrigerant gases, preventing them from freezing. ICE-FREE's special ingredients also neutralise acids and stabilise compressor lubricants.



• Effective in all systems regardless of size.

• Compatible with all refrigerant gases – including CFC, HFC and HCFC.

• Compatible with all lubricants.

• Once added to the system, ICE-FREE mixes with the refrigerant and circulates throughout the system.

• Safe for use with all seals and internal refrigeration system components.

• Methanol free.

• ICE-FREE will not affect the composition or performance of a refrigerant gas.

• Neutralises and helps prevent the formation of acids.

• Free from solid particles.



Available in Cartiges, PUSH&FILL (pressurized) or Self-Measure Bottles.