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Performance Enhancer for AC/R Systems.

How does it work?                         

Cool-Shot’s active ingredients, two synthetic catalysts, combine with superior lubricating agents, catalyse the system lubricants, improving lubricity and reducing the thermal effect on the internal walls of the evaporator and condenser coils.



• Increases cooling capacity 20-30%.

• Enhance the performance of any A/C system.

• Especially effective with older A/C systems.

• Delivers colder vent air faster (approx 2-4 °C).

• Minimum 20% energy saving.

• Reduces annual maintenance costs by approx 20%.

Technical Benefits: 

• Increases cooling capacity 20-30%.

• Improves coil heat transfer up to 73%.

• Reduces compressor friction, vibration and noise.

• Delivers 54% higher lubricity to compressor oil.

• Extends life of system 20-30%.

• Highly visible to UV Lamp.


• Provides direct contact for refrigerants with internal heat trasfer surfaces.

• Prevents compressor oil from creating insulating effectsReduce las emisiones de CO2.



Available in Cartiges, PUSH&FILL (pressurized) or Self-Measure Bottles. 

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