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EE 400

EE 400 Tank Pumps for air conditioners up to 50 kW.


The Eckerle condensate pumps EE150, EE300, EE400M and EE400M Premium are designed to remove condensate water out of air conditioners, evaporator coils and high efficiency gas furnaces automatically. The pump housing is made from an impact-resistant plastic body against corrosion.


• Overflow safety alarm switch.

• Extremely quiet running and vibration-free.

• Pump encapsulated and liquid cooled.

• Protection class IP 55.

• Max. medium temperature: 70° C.

• Most compact design.

• Pump housing made of glass-reinforced plastic material, including wall mounting accessory.

• Separate alarm contact.

• Integrated check valve.

Pump unit can be used in an external pan as well.
Pan height: min. 62 mm, max. 70 mm


Technical Data:

• Pump unit (L x W x H): 185 x 85 x 100 mm.

• Electrical spec.: 230 V, 50 / 60 Hz, 65 VA.

• Alarm switch: 230 V/ 8 A (ohmic load)
NO/NC (normally open/normally closed)

• Max. flow rate: 350 l/h.

• Max. delivery height: 4 m.

• Tank capacity: max. 0,5 l.

• Pressure hose - Ø: 8 x 2 mm.

• Operating points*: Alarm: max. 55 mm.

Start: 52 ± 1 mm
Stop: 24 ± 1 mm
*Measurements from mounting surface



Eckerle offers you two different pump systems:

1. Electromagnetic pump:

Usually found in two-part systems or split-systems such as the EE600, EE1000, EE1800, E1200 and EE1750, but also used in certain tank pumps such as the EE1650 in order to achieve higher lifting heights. Most Eckerle electromagnetic pumps have non return “duckbill valves”, whose large bore ensure that they are significantly less sensitive to dirt.

2. Centrifugal pump:

Almost all tank pumps are equipped with this robust technology, for example the EE150, EE300 and the EE400. The main features of this volumetrically wide-open displacement device are its high displacement volumes and insensitivity to dirt. Special encapsulated versions with a higher protection rating – like the EE400M/EE400 – can be operated in tough environments with high humidity levels and
with media that is far from the PH neutral range.