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This is an innovative piece of chemical equipment that, within a few seconds, can identify the type of oil contained in refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

In two rapid steps, we can confirm if they are polyol estor (POE) oils, alkyl benzene (AB) or mineral

OIL TEST contains synthetic chemical elements that react with the oil; the change in the transparency of the chemical substances indicates the type of oil used in the refrigeration system.


• Safe.

• Produces cost and time savings and avoids using a refractometer.

• Avoids undertaking costly laboratory tests.

• Avoids mixing POE oils with mineral oils.

• Easy to use.

• Reliable results in seconds.

• Useful for confirming the type of lubricant in the system before adding more lubricants.

• Contains two complete tests.

• Not recommended for use in vehicle air conditioning systems or in mobile air conditioning systems.