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The Suniso GS range has been refined from selected naphthenic based oils specifically designed for lubricating refrigeration compressors that use traditional CFC and HCFC transitional refrigerants.


  • High temperatures
  • Medium temperatures
  • Low Temperatures
  • new Installations
  • Retrofit


• Excellent chemical stability to combat the interaction between the refrigerant gases and metals in the system.

• Thermal stability to eliminate carbon residues at the hot
points of the compressor (valves and discharge doors).

• Low wax content, to avoid flocculation at the low temperature points of the system.

• Low thawing point to avoid separation (through freezing) in the refrigeration lines.

• High dielectric strength which guarantees perfect insulation properties.

• Adequate viscosity, even when diluted with refrigerant, ensuring a good film at high operating temperatures and, at the same time, a good level of fluidity at low temperatures.

• No contamination in order to avoid scratching surfaces, clogging up lines or oil outlets and general deterioration.


  • 1 L
  • 4 L
  • 20 L
  • 208 L